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Mail Room Management Software

In any organization, the management of the input and output flows of documents is an important activity which will ensure natural development of the business activities of the organization. The mail room is thus a critical sector in any organization as it ensures the execution of all documents and packages. It is therefore very important to have mail room management system in your organization.

Mail room management involves automating the process of receiving, sorting and distributing incoming mail in businesses. Correct mail room management ensures that you save on time and money, accountability and compliance among other benefits. It is a transformation that makes you to digitize the whole process of mailing.

Mail Room Software

ERP:FM identified the critical importance of the mail room and correct management components to accompany that. With the mail room management software component within ERPFM, we provide features such as the ability to take documents on arrival and convert them into electronic format enabling the distribution still in electronic format which is fast, comfortable, safe and efficient. Mail room management software also allows you to have real time exhaustive control of the flows of your organization and this in the long run works to increase output of your company/ organization.

Mail room management software supports different mail formats, attachments and languages, tt ensures improved mail processing since it provides additional support for mail formats and languages. Another key feature is that it ensures improved customer service since agents can handle multiple mails at a time and customer satisfaction is the goal of any organization.

One important feature is the secure message portal that allows companies to exchange confidential email with customers without worry of theft, liability or negative publicity. It also ensures confidentiality by authenticating users with personalized information as well as track and manages all mails for proper and complete customer records.

Mail box in the mail room

Mail room management software ensures complete document control hence efficiency, it enables one to access mailboxes across the organization and manage documents from a single interface while providing the ability to scan and controls bulk outbound communications which may include policy documents and statements.

With too many features to mention here is a run down of the key components on offer with ERP:FM mail room software:

- Duplicate management
- Signature capture
- Barcode Scanning
- Package tracking
- CASS Certified
- Job management
- Signature Capture

Transform your company and feel the immediate benefits by getting mail room management software implemented. Mail room management software has many pros as compared to the cons and it is worth your consideration. It provides one complete source for designing, processing and delivering customer documents in an appealing and cost efficient manner hence will improve customer communication and optimize your mailroom.
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