Planned Preventive Maintenance
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Planned Preventive Maintenance

Manufacturing has always been and remains a very competitive industry, with production processes and production equipment being the central operative to who remains more productive. Of course, keeping production assets strong, is the key to a strategic advantage, but in this modern day correct facilities management being integrated are essential in aiding managers and teams with technology techniques on noticing how and where problems could arise beforehand.

If you own a facility or are the manager of any medium to large industry where machines and equipment keep you afloat, then you need a Planned Preventive Maintenance program. When equipment and machines used for production, break down, it is very costly and has a serious impact on your bottom line and on production. To prepare for this unforeseen event, companies and their facility management team, are putting in place a software system called planned preventive maintenance which enables any facility management team to foresee any problems before they become a serious issue.

By checking your equipment on a regular basis, CEO's, managers, supervisors, anyone with given access really, can easily catch any repair problems that could manifest. Preventive maintenance decreases the chances of losing productivity time and inventory. There are a number of planned preventive maintenance software systems from which to choose, some which even interact seamlessly with NFC, and depending on your particular needs in a management software program.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

These components within ERPFM are designed to provide maintenance checks and inspection checks, all of which can be scheduled at regular intervals depending on the industry field that you are in. Your machines or equipment can be set up on a maintenance plan designed for your business. Engineers can actually receive information on equipment deterioration, overhaul checks, and the ability to perform equipment checks to catch potential problems, before a break-down occurs.

A planned preventive maintenance plan can be applied to any industry, including general business offices with computers and copiers. A computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software system allows industry or facility managers to plan, execute, and monitor all operational facility services. Whatever a facility management team or administration requires, a CAFM can be customized to fit those requirements, such as present or future space needs, maintenance schedules, work orders, budgets, asset management requirements, customer service requests, tracking, reporting, dispatching, and more.

Present day CAFM systems which are web-based are very rare as most require desktop installations, unlike ERPFM's offering, where we give users an array of options when it comes to scheduling and analytical features, which means the end user can increase work productivity. CAFM software systems are one-stop solution where data is stored, retrieved, analyzed, and updated automatically. The CAFM system is not a brand new technological IT solution, it was initially designed in the early 1980's to help collect and automate the new personal computer maintenance information. In the present day though, computer-aided facilities management systems are more equipped with intelligent interfaces and links to varying external analysis packages. Also, CAFM software can be efficiently used by a large assortment of devices.

Planned Tasks in Facility Management

With facilities management the planned preventive maintenance plan that encompasses strategic planning tasks, space maintenance and inventory data, operational tasks, maintenance and repair alerts, forecasting data, and all the tools needed for managers to become proactive and not reactive, which can be very costly but with ERPFM and the utilization of HTML5 and the modern advancement of browser technology costs have never been lower and the quality of product higher.

With rich features enabling companies to maximize their space, keep track of their equipment and personnel, as well as reducing paperwork in the form of spreadsheets, files, and floor plans. Facility managers benefit greatly from computer-aided facilities management software systems because they consolidate a huge range of operational tasks into an easy single operational system.

In summary, the overall benefits of using a planned preventive maintenance program and putting one in place, is as follows:

- Stop unexpected equipment repairs and costly downtime costs
- Improved quality and safety conditions
- Reduces overtime costs due to machine and equipment break-down
- The life of assets is increased
- Prepare future orders for replacement parts

The varying selection of software systems that provide quality planned preventive maintenance check-ups include some form of an alert system to give you reminders on your equipment maintenance or when it is time for inspections, or other alerts based on your industry needs. while we believe we offer the best product in the field, if you was to choose an alternative, just make sure that you check off one point, always choose a software system that allows your company to set their own parameters for each type of maintenance task with the ability to expand with no additional overheads.
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