Restaurant POS System
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Restaurant POS System

POS (point of sale) for a restaurant refers to a computer based technology for order entry. This is used to capture orders, record the data and display or print tickets. The restaurant POS system is able to act as a cash register and a computer. It goes as far as consisting of multiple stations; these include receipt printers, credit card terminals, hostess stations, display screen and server stations. This system offers remarkable convenience; it is very accurate and does a lot when it comes to saving time - especially during those busy hours.

Functions of the POS System

- Record payment method
- Compute due payment for every order that is made
- Compute payroll and labor data
- Create sales, whether hourly or daily
- Keep record of items of the menu sold
- Keep track of repeat customers and records their information

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What to look out for in a POS System

There are differences in various POS systems based on their application, hardware and software. Before going for any of the various systems, there are certain considerations you should observe in order to ensure that it fits your restaurant service style and concept.

Price and Quality

Avoid features of the POS system that are not relevant to you.

Necessary Hardware Components

This talks about all external features that are necessary to work with the POS system.

Financial Reporting Capabilities

Ensure the POS system allows detailed and coherent retrieval of financial information.

User Friendliness

It may not be worth the hassle going for POS system that is difficult to operate and confusing.

Technical Support

Even though we do not want to anticipate having problems with our POS system, it is very important that there are experienced technicians that can repair such POS systems should it go faulty.

Software Components

Ensure all the necessary programs that your business will need is incorporated in the system.

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How it Works

One of the basic functions of a POS system is effective communication between the food servers and the kitchen operations - food preparation team. As orders are made, via the mobile devices, the orders pop up on the kitchen display system, with clear information concerning the requested food, the time it was ordered, the server name and the table number.

Also, the moment the food is prepared, the worker in the kitchen hits a button on the kitchen display system screen and this records the time the order was finished.

Online Real Time POS Technology

Another effective feature of the POS technology is the use of online real time software like that which we provide. It empowers customers get to make their orders online and details of the order are reflected on the ePOS (electronic point of sale) system. This form of ordering offers your customers a lot of convenience - simplifying the whole sales process and in return helps you to sell even more.

Investing in the right point-of-sale system goes a long way in increasing the efficiency of your restaurant and when integrated with ERP it further facilitates the business operations. Avoid software add-ons that are not necessary for your business at the moment, (depending on the state of your restaurant) and as it grows, you can increase its functions by installing more customize add-ons.
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