ERP Accounting software
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ERP Accounting software

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a database software package that supports all of a business' operations including marketing, manufacturing, accounting and human resources. The goal of ERP is to have just one integrated system for a company to decrease lag of communication across a company.

ERP accounting software

With ERPFM we enable the end user wit the ability to integrate all department's information, as well as their processes and operations. In addition, a company has to be completely on board towards the training and implementation of the system. Instead of a struggle, ERP allows workflow to be streamlined, fewer errors, and a better view of the entire company's processes.

ERP systems gained popularity in the 90's after the buzz of CAFM (computer-aided facilities management) in the 80s, with many companies upgrading their old systems at that time. Initially, they focused on functions that did not affect customers as to reduce the potential liability of something going wrong, but in the most recent of times, with advancements in HTML5 and mobile operating systems, developers have found ways to integrate mobile devices with ERP to make for a seamless experience from cloud to desktop then to mobile.

Accounting inside ERP

Within our ERP rollout, the modules ERP:FM have developed manage the recording and processing of accounts receivable, accounts payable, and payroll transactions into the general ledger. Financial statements are then generated for management and shareholders. Regardless of the transaction, it will always lead back to the general ledger. Choosing an ERP software package that is functional is key to the overall success of your business.

Enterprise system software is a multi-billion dollar industry that can handle a variety of business functions such as tracking cash, raw materials, production, orders, and payroll and ERP systems are considered a crucial organization tool, because of its integration capabilities and error-free transactions.
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