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Mobile ERP

Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning or Mobile ERP as it is called, refers to the different strategies of organizations which includes everything from inventory to human resources.

Mobile ERP has its own advantages

ERP that is mobilized helps the front and back office employees to be more connected to each other, given field workers increased visibility with managing their tasks in hand. As an organization, you need company employees be in touch with each other. So, when the sales guy makes a sale, the marketing guy should know about it. When the technical guy faces an issue, he should be able to post it directly for other employees to see. Team managers should also be able to post in updates regularly for other employees to check, no matter where they are. Smart phones are common these days and sales ennoblement apps are the best way for employees to be connected, no matter where they are.

Work anywhere with ERP mobile

More than 79% of marketing leads do not convert into sales because of the lack of lead nurturing, according to Hubspot. The lack of sales enablement has also cost B2B companies a lot of potential revenue with statistics suggesting that the inability of B2B companies to align their sales and marketing teams together cost them more than 10% or more of their revenue each year. Of course, this translates to a whopping $100 million for a billion dollar company..

It isn't just giving leads that solve the purpose but sales enablement apps have ensured that the sales and marketing teams of the organization are better connected to each other, it goes unsaid that incorrect lead information serves no purpose.

How does Mobile ERP help Businesses?

Mobile ERP solutions help increase the ROI of the organization. While lead nurturing is a necessity that sales enablement platforms fulfill, you need for good Mobile ERP solutions to increase productivity. Employees can have access to important office data through Mobile ERP even from their home.

Mobile ERP development

With rich cloud storage options enabling employees to be connected with each other and enables team managers to send everything to their team members who might not be at the same location as them, all the way from job manuals to training documents down to specification of individual tasks within the task management module of ERP:FM.

Organizations tend to look at different methods to increase productivity and sales, including using mobile apps at an increasing pace. Good mobile application helps to ease out logistical operations as well as help connect with customers more smoothly.

Take the example of Citibank that revamped its apps for offering a better customer service. Everyone knows how pizza companies like Dominoes have tried to woo in more customers with the help of their mobile operations, the future is definitely mobile, and with ERP:FM you can get your remote workers into the loop more than ever was thought possible before.

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