Utilizing RFID in Business
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Utilizing RFID in Business

One of the ways any business can increase its productivity is through the use of RFID technology, also known as NFC (near field communication). RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) simply refers to the process and use of radio waves to capture stored information, this is a term used for describing a system transmitting products and services identity through radio waves which comprises a reader, a tag and an antenna.

How is works

RFID chips are integrated into devices such as tags, labels and cards. The RFID is scanned using a compatible reader to retrieve identifying information from the chips. An example is when a company integrates RFID chips with identification badges and as such in order to gain access to the workplace; he/she passes by a reader.

RFID Membership Card Options

The subset of the RFID family that is of relevance here is the NFC and it is designed to be a more secure way of data exchange. The protocols and standards of the NFC is based on that of RFID and they deal with the use of the RFID system in proximity cards which also goes a long way in enhancing your ERP system.

The NFC is simply a refined version of the RFID, what it does is it takes the advantage of the shortness in the reading range of its radio frequency. This is indeed a popular choice for secure communication as the NFC system requires close proximity of its devices to each other - this is usually nothing more than a few centimeters. This feature is referred as peer to peer communication and it is what sets NFC apart from a typical RFID device.

RFID Benefits

When a process cannot be accurately measured, it is difficult for it to be improved; this is what RFID does for you - enables better measurement of processes and procedures, for RFID, decisions can be based on accurate and updated information.

One of the basic features of this system which is tagging goes a long way to improve auditing and asset control and we at ERP:FM have worked on multiple paths that enable RFID/NFC to be implemented into every area of your business.

NFC and RFID are fundamentally the same thing

Since it helps in tracking and tracing items using its NFC membership cards feature (for improved tracking and identification), this results to easy location of assets. When data collection is enhanced, increased accuracy in improved asset maintenance and record keeping is inevitable.

One thing you can get with RFID is that information always gets validated and this goes a long way to enhancing security as well as the service rendering of the business, which implies that there is going to be a reduced rate of shrinkage and inability to provide efficient and fast services at the point of need.
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