What are Push Notifications?
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What are Push Notifications?

A push notification is the delivery of information or a message of some type from an application to a device without the client requesting the notification. While the end user normally "opts in" for the notifications, they do not place a request each time they receive one.

Users see these notifications "pop-up" on their Android and Apple smart phones and tablets. and they will also usually have procedures for opting out of the notifications as well. Basically, an app can send a message without the app even being open or in use.

What are push notifications?

With modern advancements in HTML5 it is now possible with the assistance of Android.com to send push notifications through the browser to your mobile device or desktop in exactly the same way native apps function on smart phones.

The notifications can also be received on a smart phone even if the screen is locked with the phone utilizing the notification sound and then having an icon pop up letting the user know what app sent the message.

Push notifications allow users to subscribe to receive messages from time to time from an app they use a lot. The biggest benefit to the user is that they can get the message without being in the app. Another advantage to the user is that push notifications are a lot less messy than the string of emails they receive.

Until recently, push notifications were only available for use with apps on an Android or iOS system but HTML5 developers and marketers alike had been dreaming about the possibility of a web page to send a push notification with the possibilities being endless if a website could communicate with its users even when they are not on that particular website.

With the recent introduction of HTML5, that all changed. There are several HTML5 APIs that now allow websites to utilize push notifications. These include Notifications API, Service Workers API, and Push API.

HTML5 push notifications

The Notifications API is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple's Safari and it's capability is a game changer for businesses. It is currently allowing them to notify customers about special promotions and of new content that has been published on their website.

ERP:FM for example utilizing the HTML5 Push Notification in line with the service worker API to update anyone subscribed of issues they should be aware of within their company, such as task assignment, tasks being overdue or any other urgent matters they have opted into.

The main goal is in allowing the end user to get valuable information without having to constantly check the application for changes in schedules, now push notifications take communication and instant gratification to a whole new level.
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