What is an ERP API?
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What is an ERP API?

An enterprise resource planning API refers to a set of protocols and tools which enable third party providers to integrate more features into the system. An ERP API helps to specify how software and web platform components will get to interact with the system as well as helping in the development of graphical user interface components.

How does an API help a business in ERP

Businesses are growing every day in terms of departments and branches which means more control is needed in order to ensure harmony. ERPs have become very useful to growing business as it helps in the control and management of various sections with ease. With ERP:FM the system is prolific in terms of being completely synchronized but we understand you still may need access to certain pieces of data to sync with your website or external areas of business.


Ease of integration

The majority of ERP software available in the market are designed for general business purposes and don't tend to offer up access to sections of data for external real-time pull requests. When a business wants its system customized to their specifications, the cost increases tremendously. With ERP APIs, businesses are able to utilize their own resource (in this case software developers in the company) to integrate and add more features to existing and new product areas. For example, features like CRM, accounting and project management among others.

More control

Our ERPFM APIs will provide your software developers with tools to help them create, edit and remove data without having to be directly inside your ERP:FM installation. For example, when a business deploys an installation with us, there maybe certain regions of data you want to stream to your website in real-time, this means that you can keep up with company brand by having everything still working inside your current portal.

Engage customers and vendors easily

ERPs help to run an entire organization and during this time, it collects important information from different departments such as sales and marketing. This data is useful to your customers and vendors. In allowing access to the data, software developers can help to extend some portions of your ERP to the web therefore providing the much needed data.

How our ERP API helps with ERP and website integration

An API is basically an interface which enables controlled interaction between different software programs and web platforms for your business. Thanks to technology, customers and businesses are utilizing the internet to gather vital information. They get to do this via websites and smart devices.

Facilities Management API

As a business, to provide the much needed data to your customers and other partners, you can utilize an API to extend portions of your ERP to the web. For example, your business runs a membership registration system and the current set up does not provide a way to view members information. With taking on our ERP API, your software developers can develop a customer portal for your members and avoid having them go to your private ERP:FM installation location.

Customization is everything ...

Every business grows from a single branch and the ones who get the formula right go on to become multinational organizations. This means more clients, more branches and more data. To ensure complete control of everything, its best to invest in an ERP system from the outset, whether your a start-up or have ten years under your belt, ERP and facilities management components will only increase your dominance. The system will help to control and manage different departments therefore ensuring proper flow of data and information. Thanks to APIs, businesses can extend portions of their system to the web for their customers and vendors.
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