Barcodes vs QR Codes
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Barcodes vs QR Codes

Remember when QR codes, those little black square patterns that take you to a website when scanned, were introduced and were allegedly supposed to mark the beginning of the end of standard barcodes? Well, it turns out this allegation was completely wrong.

While both QR codes and barcodes are still relevant today, the innovation and practicality of barcodes have taken this medium much further than what QR codes have been able to achieve in the modern world. Although QR codes seem to be part of today's technological craze with many stores telling customers to scan QR codes of products with their phones, bar codes, although traditional, still serve the purpose of transmitting information better.

Barcodes vs QR Codes

Especially because barcodes are the more established of the two, barcodes' longstanding history of success with helping business transactions proves it to be more relevant than ever in this day and age.

Barcodes are no longer just for point-of-sale transactions. They are so much more than just that., they are now a staple of the industry, and they are used to keep track of products and inventory.

It is extremely essential for inventory to be properly accounted for, as miscommunication about inventory data can often lead to companies being unable to uphold their end of the transaction after customers purchase their products.

Barcode scanner

Barcodes are especially important tools for helping with tracking shipments and keeping tabs on invoices and the movement of products.

With barcodes, companies are able to ensure proper inventory to satisfy customer demand, thereby improving businesses' relationships with customers. The cheap and affordable hardware necessary for utilizing barcodes makes it the most viable option for businesses. On the other hand, QR codes have proven themselves to be nothing more than a novelty, allowing barcodes to continue to reign supreme in comparison.
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