CRM Features Discussion
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CRM Features Discussion

CRM, customer relationship management systems, have become the backbone of businesses today. Regardless of the size of any business, a CRM system is essential in assisting the operation and management of various business aspects. There is a wide range of CRM solutions available today, from a wide range of different providers catering specifically to niche sectors and it is prudent for businesses to know the features which are best to have in a CRM system that you intend to roll out for your company.

Target customers with CRM

Integration with email

Email is an essential part for any business not only is it used to communicate with the customers and clients, but it's also used for internal communication between the employees. A CRM should have integration with the email system or facilitate sending of emails within the system.

CRM and email integration helps you to keep track as well as stay on top of the sales data such as customer interaction, follow ups and leads. It also enables you to build customer loyalty, ensures consistent interaction with clients and provides a central point to store customer interactions. E-mail coupled with push notification to your mobile device can also increase your individual knowledge of affairs so that you are never far away from the core of what is happening with matters that concern you.

A mechanism to manage the contacts

Online status system inside FM ERP software Being able to track and keep contacts with clients can at times be daunting especially when a business have previous customers, prospective customers, and the new customers all competing for attention. A CRM system that includes a mechanism to manage contacts makes it easy for you to see your contacts as well as the past interactions. With ERP:FM we also enable better communication by including and coupling internal messaging systems and ways in which you can manage your status within the system, this increasses connectivity between internal employees and management.


It is very important to be able to know if the business has made any progress and by how much. A great CRM system should be able to generate reports as well as identify the areas that have grown and those that have not, which allows you to find out how the business is performing easily and quickly.


Being able to transfer data is another key feature that a CRM system should have. Large volumes of data are generated daily in different businesses, and the data may need to be exported or imported to various destinations in different formats. A CRM system should allow importation and exportation of data in order to be fully compatible with all business needs.

CRM management software

Sales force automation

To ensure the smooth operation of any business, the procedures and sales information should be handled with precision. The CRM system should offer sales force automation (SFA) to help with opportunity and lead management, processing of orders, tracking customer interactions and analyzing sales forecast.

By utilizing ERPFM features in the CRM module, you will be able to bridge the gaps that currently exist with passing tasks from customer into your reactive task management coupled with your asset geography making for an important improvement you can't afford to miss out on.
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