GPS and Fleet Tracking
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GPS and Fleet Tracking

With ERP:FM fleet management components we have made it possible to track assets, vehicles and people, and know their movement in real time. The location is also traceable from anywhere in the world provided the GPS enabled device is able to receive and send data via GPRS, this leaves businesses open to track inventory as it changes hands in the supply chain.

GPS tracking device

This has all been made possible with the use of GPS advancements in mobile devices as well as cheaper hardware that provides real time visibility. The business is able to know where their assets are at any time and message the drivers when all components within ERP:FM are enabled this then gives detailed information about the fleet and this information is useful in decision making.

GPS fleet tracking helps to improve productivity and lower the cost of operation. The tracking hardware gives you performance reports which you can use to monitor and improve drivers? performance.

The good thing with GPS tracking within our system is that it is scalable and can track from as little as 2 to thousands of fleet assets without the requirement for additional company spend. The tracking becomes manageable even as your business grows. You are able to add users, customize the rules and manage the assets from anywhere as long as there is internet.

The best tracking hardware returns responses when the slightest of angle is changed (think TK103) and can be purchased for as little as 50 GBP. You are able to receive metrics when the driver exceeds a selected speed inside the ERP FM activity map and you can get data and reports in a simple dashboard type view.

vehicle tracking system

Moreover, GPS tracking enables the business to prolong the useful life of the fleet. The tracker provides details about the distance covered in order for you to establish which vehicles are properly maintained and are operating optimally.

There is so much more that you can achieve with GPS fleet tracking such as:

- You are able to view the data for a number of assets on one platform
- You are able to get specific metric that are useful for productivity
- There are custom services for different fleets such as taxi, limousines and tracks
- You are able to save on gas with optimal routing

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