What is Cost Control?
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What is Cost Control?

Cost Control within an organizational system functions as a mechanism to define costs with certain activities over a period of time, clearly defined processes or participation with another organization.

Projects, contracts and jobs done by the participants in a process have a cost and overheads, so it becomes mission critical that the way in which budgets and contracts are structured are done so in a way that will allow any management structure to discover any variances, investigate why it's occurring and take decisive action to rectify the variances.

Cost control software

With ERP:FM and it's cost control component it allows for comprehensive functionalities which will allow organizations to have a more precise reveal of daily transactions and processes, management of procurement in the facility, invoicing and financial information. This all depends on the structuring of the budgets.

Basic Features to achieve these objectives include logging calls, booking rooms from the network Intranet or Internet. Also facilities management team members can accept and manage work orders assigned on any device the company chooses to share the work orders in line with the management of planned maintenance can be set up within the cost control software component.

Procurement software overview

Facility management budgets can be given amounts at hierarchy or company level, which will allow charges to go to high or low level budgets. Cost control components for the approval and completion of orders will allow accounting of the daily available the actual expenditure versus the permitted expenditure. What was purchased, who and when it was purchased.

This leaves the modules perfectly poised to produce and manage purchase orders, that will match up to the invoices provided along with credit notes and expenditure tracked within the system for use in the financial reports, then within that same setting a report will be generate and sent in an email / push notification or SMS (user preference) if there is an overspend. This alert will be generated with notes for the project and charges associated. Functionalities in the cost control software will basically be about timely access to the reports and optimize spending habits over the long run.
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