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HTML5 App Developers

HTML5 app development is the future, and very nearly the present, that is becoming very apparent that despite other options, with the upgrades that have been implemented into this version of HTML is undeniable.

Now with enhanced and built in capabilities such as push notifications, microphone usage, geolocation and video it has started to provide instant results and no waiting on approvals on androids or iOS.

HTML5 app store

Quite simply app development is just faster with HTML5, it is a liberating time for both developers and users a like.

When HTML5 was finalized in 2014, it already seemed like the limits were pushed. How much further could it go? App stores were already there and already in motion so it was hard to imagine that it could have gone any further. It did, and now, there are such easements into the process, before it might have been considered to be unimaginable.

App development with HTML5 is faster than it has ever been. Anyone, with a little knowledge of the HTML can get right down to business although the ability to reach goals may differ but with the open source nature of the standard there are many resources to assist even those who believe they cannot.

HTML5 app developer

All of this advancement has paved the way to a new future of the World Wide Web. A future that is colorful, imaginative, and even fun. There are no limits to how exciting the future will be in the app stores with HTML5 app development.

With the advancements of HTML5 it is pulling browsers in the same direction, which browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer are openly embracing, its very clear that there are only more great things to come. It's time to look forward to positive change, that is why ERP:FM is built purely off a HTML5 web with no native app dependencies.
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