Student Accommodation and Asset Management
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Student Accommodation and Asset Management

Student accommodation did not use to go hand in hand with software yet it mostly does nowadays with all the advancements of online technology and students preferences for immediate online access.

Students living in purpose built student accommodation tend to request a lot of services and facilities, with wanting to be up to date with technology to assist in their studying. These days colleges and universities attract students from across the globe, and those responsible for running student accommodation find software that can link with other businesses abroad can be useful for them.

Asset management for student accomdation

These businesses that own or are in charge of student residences often deploy ERP so that students can interact with an online point of access to log request and view relative billing and invoicing which makes objectives run more smoothly for both the business and the students. Facilities management software such as components that are offered in ERP:FM can be ideal for businesses and make students' lives easier too.

The use of facilities management software is beneficial for the businesses that provide student accommodation because of their asset tracking components.

Assets tend be at a higher risk of been broken or lost when they are placed in student residences, often as a by product of the lifestyle that's being lead. The best approach is to list all the assets held in each student bedroom as well as the shared areas and catalog every single region, tenant, area and asset in your geography tree.

Student accomdation online access

When students move into a property they can be supplied with a complete inventory list and the expectations of those assets can be explained. With staff utilizing task management they are able to log details of when anything is broken, lost, or taken in order to sort out repairs and replacements.

Businesses need to be clear with students about the items that are supplied as part of the lease for their rooms, what can be replaced or repaired free of charge, and what has to be paid for. Software with up to date asset tracking can stop businesses losing at the same time as helping students have items fixed or repaired sooner which results in no one person losing out.
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