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Tenant Billing Software

The tenant billing component of ERP is a process that simplifies the whole process of creating financial statements and invoices for tenants, it is designed to provide graphical profiling of generates charts, graphs of demand and consumption data and interval data. This system automates the tenant billing process by eliminating the reading of a meter manual by a technician for more accurate measurement and simplified verification.

Creating a tenant in the geography tree

The tenant billing system that ERP:FM provides works in conjunction with your geography tree, merging the asset management functions gives flexibility to manage some of the real world situations, where unfathomable meter arrangements may need subtraction, apportionment and addition of meters.

Our tenant billing components not only couple with assets but with point-of-sale, finance and invoice which makes it ideal for companies who manage or own multi-let properties or multiple including shopping centers, residential housing, retail parks, airports, ports, industrial sites or service stations. Even if subletting may not be the key focus of your business, this system is the optimum tool to pass on costs of utility to other departments or organisations who occupy a part of your building.

Accurate utility bills can be made from supplier meters, sub meters, AMR meters, manually read meters or BEMS systems, in any proportion or combination. The consumption costs applied vary from very easy unit charges to complicated recharging tariffs using capacity, demand, multiple unit bands and standing charges.

Once you capture or input data, then invoices can be made in plenty, printed and then issued, even down to synchronizing with an automated mail sender service in your region. Debt statements can be produced after payments are recorded.

Tenant billing software, finance and invoice is made with your business interests at heart. It provides distinguished, optimum and efficient output for your business. It enables the work of billing your tenants be less cumbersome and easy to manage. It will guarantee you maximum work and it is made with security being a core objective.

Tenant billing software

Incidences of hacking having been minimized and all your readings are recorded automatically. It is compatible with existing operating systems from windows vista up to the latest flagship windows.

ERPFM tenant billing software, finance and invoice will manage your business finances and invoices regarding your tenants. It will alert you of any errors and discrepancies.

Some of the key features of that our software comes with are:

- The basement, wire closet or individual unit can store the meters.
- The meters can be billed periodically at the end of the month.
- Monitor energy consumption of a whole building or tenants on a 24 hr basis
- Tenants system of billing has been simplified.
- You input an energy profile to monitor energy waste and peak demand.


- Define supplier or landlord.
- Produce accurate bills tariffs.
- Track invoice status of paid or unpaid.
- Produce invoices to a specific date for change of tenancies.
- Generates unique invoice numbers and tax point dates.
- Export invoice summary to finance system.
- Print invoices in user-defined templates.
- Report on invoices issued and outstanding.
- Ability to apply different tariffs and add extra charges.
- Offer lower leasing costs through improved conservation measures.
- Improve system up-time with equipment monitoring.
- Empower tenants by sharing energy information over the internet.
- Provide your tenants with environmental leadership with well documented energy consumption reductions.
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