Loyalty cards
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Loyalty cards

With loyalty cards consumers are looking for benefits through value, for companies the long-term gains and recurring business will increase profits.

Investing aggressively in Loyalty Cards is a growing trend as aggressive competition today takes away the existing customers and retaining a customer for repeat business has become the biggest challenge for any retail enterprise worldwide.

Consumers everywhere in the world believe in give and take with general mindset of any consumer being "what's in it for me?". Loyalty reward points is one of the best solutions that retail companies can offer their customers to get repeat business.

Loyalty card system

Conventional BBC cards (barcode card) or magnetic stripe card systems that loyalty cards have taken a back seat. NFC plug-n-play system is the most powerful and sophisticated out of the box solution available to deal with comprehensive member card transaction and smart card handling. Functions such as encoding cards, blacklisting and replacing lost cards are all included in the software and hardware technology of NFC terminals (also known as RFID).

The features and functionalities enable low handling processes to be done at the Point of Sale or promotions. It is a contactless smart card technology with encryption that works on NFC Near Field Communication. This can also be used as a cashless payment system since the software generally has anti-fraud features built in. This means that at the backend, the database is fully secured and protected.

NFC Loyalty card forms

The terminal transmissions can work with WiFi, 3G or 4G technology or real time data transfer to back and reporting server and is embedded in the database, to facilitate both online and offline transactions.
Hence, no downtime once the internet and back-end server is online.

Considering the potential of the product, regular recurring business revenue and profits can be possible by tracking the purchasing habits of certain demographics, see what promotions work well and provide the management with realtime accounting possibilities.
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